Consultancy skills

So you think you can be a consultant in your business?

Let's assume you can give the right time and focus to diagnose and advise on your business. Here are some other skills you will need


Remain objective when looking at options, information and data. It is too easy to rush towards solution or defensiveness.


You might be the expert in your business, but are you an expert in a specific field? Consultants are specialists in their subject.


Consultants predict problems and offer solutions. They spot problems in the future and look holistically for issues.


Unless people feel safe talking to you, you won't get their true feelings, ideas and frustrations. 


Consultants look beyond the obvious, pay attention to details and mine for truth. They like evidence to support conclusions.


Consultants keep learning, gaining new information, trends, new tools, case studies and apply to your problems.

If you still think you are the best person to diagnose the present state of your business, then go forth and do it. Great leaders are humble enough to recognise when they haven't got all of the skills, time or motivation to get the job done and ask for help.

So if you need a consultant, find one that matches the criteria listed above.

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