What is leadership?





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The word leadership is used more and often understood less. It can be applied to many situations but it a way of being rather than doing.


What is leadership?

Is it different to management and if so, how?

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Taken from the Fit for Purpose Leadership 3

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lucy barkas

Lucy Barkas, founded 3WH, a leadership & team development consultancy specialising in organisational development. Lucy has been helping business and teams to achieve high performance for more than 10 years. Starting in the energy industry and rising to Leadership positions early in her career, she learned the biggest blocks and barriers to business success and created a 5 MYs method to overcome them.

Author and podcast host of LeaderX, she is generous with her knowledge and helps business leaders to identify their strengths and blocks to success, and helping them to create a vision, strategy and plan to create a step change in performance.

Working from the top, she creates a positive ripple effect that impacts teams and individuals, which continues to positively impact homes, communities and ultimately the world.

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