Leading different types of teams

10 Lessons Intermediate

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This course will help you:

Get clarity over the purpose of a team; 

Explore different types of teams, their positives and negatives; 

Understand the role of a leader in different types of teams.

This course will help you to create alignment around your vision, mission and strategy, and then help the team to define how they will work together to deliver it. Together you become role models of effective teamwork, the number one team grounded in trust and relationship. This team becomes your tribe, a safe space where you can challenge, debate and engage in healthy conflict to move the business forward. You are going to explore the strengths and weaknesses of different types of teams and understand how to lead each team successfully. LeaderX can create the kind of team that is really fun to work in and creates energy because there is no room for BS, and everyone can be totally transparent and leave their egos at the door. It creates belonging and autonomy, all at once. 

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Course Structure

Team structure 5 Lessons