Team Charter

5 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This course will take you through the importance of creating a team charter and why it is an essential part of becoming LeaderX. With this knowledge, you can then create your own team charter with some hints and tips to help you on the way.

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Course Structure

Creating Your Team Charter 5 Lessons

Introduction to Team Charter’s

This lesson introduces you to team charter’s, why you should use them and how they can help you form a strong, balanced team.  

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This lesson highlights the importance of having a team purpose to work towards. 

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Creating Your Team Charter

This lesson provides you with the format of a team charter and gets you thinking about what you can include in yours.  

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Benefits of a Team Charter

This lesson sets of the benefits of using a team charter if you are unsure on whether it is worthwhile.  

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Top Tips

This lesson provides top tips to think about when creating your team charter.