Performance Management

16 Lessons Intermediate

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This course gets you thinking about your current approach to performance management and how you can utilise it within the modern working environment.

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Course Structure

Introduction to performance management 3 Lessons

Introduction to performance management

This lesson provides an introduction to performance management and its presence within work. 

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The evolution of performance management

This lesson highlights the evolution of performance management and what it means for you and your team. 

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The principles of performance management

This lesson talks through the principles of performance management and what it looks like within modern day. 

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The modern approach to performance management 4 Lessons

The role of the manager

This lesson addresses the role of the manager during performance management.

Moving away from the rank and yank approach

This lesson discusses the outdated and formal approach for performance management and why it is not as effective within the 21st century. 

Adaptable working environments

This lesson helps you understand the importance of flexibility and conversations during performance management. 


This lesson gets you thinking about appraisals role within performance management and the best approach to improve your teams' outcomes. 

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Approaches to performance management 4 Lessons

Positive performance management

This lesson shows you how to use the formal performance management process in a less conventional, more effective way.  

Positive performance management approach and tools

This lesson helps you apply positive performance management techniques within your team.

The benefits of positive performance management

This lesson focuses on the benefits from positive performance management.

Roxel approach

This lesson shows you another approach to performance management to ensure greater outcomes are achieved within your team.

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Personal development plan 2 Lessons

Personal development plan

This lesson helps you to understand the important element of a personal development plan to focus on.

Creating a personal development plan

This lesson provides a template to design your own personal development plan.

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Performance management for you as a leader 2 Lessons

Your DiSC style and performance management

This lesson looks at performance management in relation to your DiSC behavioural style.

Self-Assessment: Lewin’s management style

This lesson helps you to understand your management style when managing the performance of your team.

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Summary 1 Lesson

Top tips

This lesson summarises the course with some top tips on performance management.