Goal Setting

9 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

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This course will allow you to:

>> Explore the importance of goals; 

>> Turn the tactical strategy into realistic, motivating and stretching goals;  

>> Include, engage and motivate others to take accountability;  

>> Monitor without micromanaging. 

This course will guide you through the process of setting practical and powerful goals to achieve your vision. Goal setting is a two-way process. Autonomous LeaderX hates telling people what to do and much prefers others to own their work and feel responsible for delivering. As leader, you facilitate the goal-setting conversations, adding clarity, coaching and championing others to stretch and challenge themselves. There is an art to setting great goals and doing it correctly at the start will save time later. I recommend that once you have your vision and mission, continue with turning your tactical strategy into SMART goals; first, find the goals, refine the goals and follow up on those goals to ensure success. 

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Course Structure

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How to set goals 4 Lessons

Why do we need goals

Everyone sets goals, but to make this an effective management tool, you must first be clear on why.

Why goals fail

Goal setting seems simple, yet so many organisations fail to achieve their goals. This is why.

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From tactical strategy to goals 5 Lessons

Crafting individual goals

There is a structure, some thinking work and a whole lot of conversation involved in crafting goals that get delivered.

Follow up

In this lesson you discover how to follow up and monitor progress