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If there is one certainty in life, when two people get together conflict is inevitable. How you manage that conflict is a game changer. In this mini course you will understand the causes of conflict so you can recognise when you are in it and what to do about it. 

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Conflict basics 6 Lessons

What is conflict?

Conflict is often viewed in the negative context of struggle, arguments or war. In reality conflict is simply when two parties (or more) have a different idea, opinion or belief about something. How you manage that conflict determines whether it is positive or negative.

This lesson will help you to understand conflict on a deeper level and the different ways it shows itself within a team.

When conflict is a force for good

This lesson focuses on conflict as a driving force of change, truth and innovation

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Different types of conflict

This lesson looks at the 4 types of conflict and how to spot them.

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Workplace conflict

What are the main causes of conflict in the workplace?

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Healthy vs Unhealthy conflict

This lesson helps you to distinguish the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict.

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Automatic responses

This lesson helps you to understand how the mind works

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Personality and Conflict Behaviours 4 Lessons

Personality and Conflict

In this lesson you will learn how different personality styles approach conflict. To learn more about different styles, head to the Personality Styles Course

Managing Conflict with Different Styles

This lesson helps you understand conflict in relation to each of the DiSC personality styles and what that means for you as a team member and for your team.

Are You Engaging or Restraining Conflict?

This lesson gets you to consider your personality style and whether you engage or restrain from conflict.

Understanding Conflict Drivers Using DiSC Behavioural Styles

This lesson teaches you about conflict drivers and how they link to your DiSC behavioural style.

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Conflict Responses 4 Lessons

Destructive Conflict

This lesson gets you thinking about the destructive behaviours people demonstrate during conflict.

Productive Conflict

This lesson talks about productive conflict and the behaviours linked to it. 

Reflecting on your Destructive and Productive Conflict

This lesson gets you to reflect on your productive and destructive behaviours. 

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Key Conflict Models 2 Lessons

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

This lesson helps you consider yourself and your team in relation to Thomas Kilmann's model. 

VOCAB model

This lesson takes you through the VOCAB model and how you can apply it to your team. 

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Chapter Summary 1 Lesson

Top 10 tips to dealing with team conflict

This lesson summarises the course with 10 top tips to remember going forward.