Central Leadership Theories

8 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Learn about the core leadership theories so you can understand when to apply in and what situation.

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Course Structure

Core Leadership Theories 4 Lessons

Trait Theories: Personality traits of a leader

This lesson focuses on the personality traits demonstrated by a leader.

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Behavioural Theories: Actions and Behaviours

This lesson will explain different behavioural theories such as autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire approaches.

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Contingency Theories: The Environments Impact on Leadership

This lesson explains the importance of situational leadership and why it is effective to use in the workplace.

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The Source of Power and Influence Theories

This lesson looks at different ways leaders use power and influence to get things done, and the leadership styles that arise as a result.

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Deep Dive: Behavioural Theories 4 Lessons

Laissez-faire or Micromanagement?

This lesson demonstrates the fine line between a laissez-faire management style and being a micromanager.

Lewin’s Leadership Style Theory

This lesson talks you through Lewin's leadership style.

Understanding your leadership style: Self-Assessment Quiz

This quiz helps you understand your personal leadership style and when it works best/worst in practice.

McGregor’s XY Theory of Management

This lesson talks you through theory X vs theory Y and what this means for your management style.