4 Steps to giving great feedback

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4 steps to giving great feedback

Few people like giving feedback, so as a result they avoid it, dump it and run or the message ends up being messy and damaging. Yet most people say they love productive feedback so they can get better, smarter, quicker and develop. It is a gift and in this course you will learn how to make it the best present you can give.

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Managing performance is a priority for any manager. Part of your role is to monitor performance and then develop your people to achieve the goals. Feedback, both positive and negative is essential to managing performance.

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Step 2

Giving feedback creates all kinds of fears within us. Understanding your own relationship with feedback will help you to gain control and compose yourself. Understanding the responses of others will help you to manage their emotional responses and create a positive outcome.

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Step 3


If you are going to give constructive feedback then it is always advisable to prepare. Learn the vital preparation tips that will help you master the conversation.

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Step 4

Use a framework to structure your coaching style conversation