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What You’ll Learn

By watching this class, you'll learn:

  1. How to develop your leaders, teams and cultures in a remote or hybrid model
  2. How to attract the best talent and develop them when they are not in the same room, region or even the same time zone
  3. How can we offer an affordable and proven development programme when budgets are tight
  • A free 30 day trial of the 3WH Leadership Development Platform to make sure it is right for you. You will get full access to the materials, downloads and courses that were previously only available to the big corporates for a fraction of the cost. 
  • The 5 My's Method - The 3WH Method delivered to clients and organisations such as Specsavers, Trelleborg and Chamber of Commerce
  • Flexible programmes suitable for individuals or teams of up to 100. Create a 12 month programme to develop together with accountability, peer to peer learning and action learning sets to set up and onboard your people.
    121 monthly workshops bespoke to your organisation can also be delivered by a 3WH facilitator. The ultimate blended learning for leaders, teams and talent.

" The quality and quantity of courses is quite frankly, impressive. We needed to onboard new managers and develop their skills but now offer the platform to all leaders, managers and supervisors in the business. It has helped us to refocus and set clear expectations around our strategy and how we will achieve it "

Shane Evans

People Director

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The 3WH Leadership Platform

We hope your mind is full of ideas about how you can use the 3WH leadership development platform to develop leaders, talent and teams. The truth is, each organisation has different development needs, and that is why we offer multiple memberships so you can design the right pathway for you. 

Our self-led membership can be bought as a solo membership, or for groups from 15 to 100. Members access the platform when they want and learn what they need. It’s a great talent attraction tool and answers the question, “what development will you offer me?”

Leadership has stepped up a gear and we want to help you navigate the journey with ease.


Our programme membership helps you create a 12 month programme, so teams or cohorts can develop together, building in accountability and peer to peer learning through action learning sets.

We help you set up and onboard your people.


The Pro package gets you the programme membership, plus monthly workshops bespoke to your organisation, delivered by a 3WH facilitator.

This programme is the ultimate blended learning for leaders, teams and talent.


If you want to develop your own leadership capability, this membership is for you. You get full access to all courses and work through them at your own pace. 

You design your own journey and begin becoming LeaderX.

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This is where I work with you to develop your teams and leaders. You can choose whether it's self-led learning, or by getting the team together to work through key courses anywhere in the world.

We can work with any budget, and each course is delivered by leadership experts. We have courses for beginners, and span up to a more advanced level. Wherever you are in your journey, you get instant development.

There are over 50 courses on this platform, spanning leadership, teams and organisational development.

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