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Virtual Team building with DiSC

Team reconnection

As we get more certainty about what the future holds, with a roadmap to a post-covid world, it's time to start rebuilding the team. 

Let's face it, no matter how hard you have tried to keep everyone working together, this past year has had a toll on everyone. Coming back together will feel like meeting each other again for the first time. The team might easily fall back into old behaviours, some of which aren't helpful. Some teams might take a little longer to feel like a team again.

Where ever you and your team are right now, it's time to focus on reconnecting and setting each other up for success.

A virtual Everything DiSC team day will might be what you've been searching for.

Reconnet and redesign how your team works together.

Your session

Team members complete an online everything DiSC assessment

We gather on Zoom or Teams  for either a full or half day session

Members reconnect, share, develop and have fun together.

We focus on your priorities, perhaps it's communication, decision making or delegating. You decide.

We create a bespoke, engaging and fun experience for you and your team.

The products

Workplace/Agile EQ: Learn about what makes your team members tick, how to build relationships, communicate and delegate more effectively. 

  • 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team: team or personal development. Create your own team scorecard and focus on your priorty areas and learn how to build trust, have engaging debates, commit to actio and hold each other accountable for results. Or learn your own personal preferences for teamwork.
  • Workplace/Agile EQ: Learn about what makes your team members tick, how to build relationships, communicate and delegate more effectively. 
  • Management or leadership: Understand your own leadshership skills and how your teams diversity helps, or hinders your success. 
  • Productive conflict: Develop an understanding of each others approach to engaging in healthy conflict, debate and positive challenge so you can accelerate performance and excellence.


I think the most valuable insight was looking through the profile, and learning how I can adapt my style in order to interact more effectively with somebody else.

 What I found most enjoyable, was looking at the people I work with and learning how they like to work. We had some great conversations in the breakout rooms.


Pharmaceutical Company

It was so good to meet my team in a different enviroment. It's been really good to understand the different personality types and what I thought others were and what they are actually like. I think that they're really useful resource and the massive report that's come out with tips and motivators, how to deal with the personality types, even similar ones to me is really valuable


Charity Sector

It was great to meet my colleagues and get to know each other better. I enjoyed the fact that the report was so accurate. Most of the information in my personal description, I agreed with almost 100%.  I was quite surprised by that. I enjoyed looking at the stressors and motivators and discussing it between us. It really helped me to understand how I can work better with my colleagues.  The activities and pace were really useful and fun.


Operations Director

Packages for 8 starting at £1500