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The future wants of work

In my book, LeaderX, I wrote about my prediction for the decade ahead. Little did I know that everything would be fast forwarded, tested and challenged in the very first year. I knew change was coming.

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Changing the energy

Over the holidays I moved house, seemed a little crazy at the time, but wow what a difference it has made to my mindset. When we get stuck we stagnate.  By simply changing your environment you really

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What is Everything DiSC workplace?

Everything DiSC Workplace profile helps your team to connect, understand and build strong working relationships.  We start with an individual and create a full workshop to help your team develop and form. Save

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How attractive are you as a leader?

I could not have imagined the workplace of today as I soon my first job after graduating back in 1998.  Back then we still had fax machines, fixed hours and we had our own desk.  Working from home was

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Have you grown up enough for work?

Do you sometimes go into the office, or meet a group of colleagues and feel that you are still in the school playground?  I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard people say It’s

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