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Millennials need leaders

Are Millennials under-achievers?

Millennials often get a bashing for being narcissistic, snowflakes who expect success and opportunities to be handed to them. Wow, how harsh and judgemental is that. Now they aren’t saying about themselves,

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Why X-Gen Values Freedom and what it means to their leadership approach

Anyone brought up in the 80's and 90's couldn't escape the influence of Freedom. It has been the backdrop of their growing up and now, as they step into leadership positions, drives the way they choose

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How LeaderX focuses on results

GenerationX and the Xennial leader is is primed and ready to take the senior leadership roles. They think and feel differently about life and work than their older Boomer mentors, and as such they

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The nineties GenXer has now grown up and is ready to lead

My daughter tells me how lucky I am to have had the 90’s as my decade. Often you don’t realise how brilliant your era was until much later. That doesn’t apply to GenXers. We knew we were cool and

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Why coaching could be the best investment for Generation X Leaders

Leader X is coming into their own. Generation X may only account for 20% of the workforce, but they have taken 51% of the leadership roles. They are the start up masters and want to make a difference.

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