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Why we need brave leaders who aren’t afraid to have the toughest conversations

One of the biggest issues facing leaders around the world right now is the avoidance of having the tough conversations. And that includes giving the honest purposeful feedback. Now, some attribute this

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Personal responsibility start with you

It’s not you it’s me – time to take personal responsibility. So much of the work I do is helping leaders to get what they want – for their people to take ownership and personal

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Transformation again? Get used to it.

Transformation blah blah.  What once was a buzz word now is just our way of living.  Life is changing at such a rate that we sometimes want to scream “Stop”. Can’t things just remain

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Step up or Step Down

Over the last few months I have met more and more leaders who are preparing for a step change in business performance. Over the last few years they have battened down the hatches, survived, cut costs or

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Helping entreprenuers of the future

At whatwhenwhyhow we believe that everyone can achieve their full potential if they believe in themselves and have the right support around them.  That is why we support students at the University of

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