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The 2020’s will be a decade of transformation. As a new generation of leaders step up, take control and lead with impact, their leadership philosophy, values and beliefs will influence how we work and why. Add in globalisation, technology, artificial intelligence and the impact of a global pandemic, Leaders need to put organisational design at the heart of their strategy. In order to transform, companies must anchor their decisions to the eight strategic areas.

In this course you will learn each of the 8 priority areas to help create your legacy

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The Strategic Priorities 3 Lessons

People Centricity

Over recent decades, out understanding of human behaviour, motivation and neuroscience have influenced the way we educate our children and treat our people. The pandemic shone a spotlight on the human within the organisation as health and well being was pushed to the top of everyones agenda.  What's next?

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It's impossible to say exactly how technology will change the way we work because it is constantly evolving and changing.  As we advance our technological expertise, innovating overnight, one thing is certain - technology will change the way we work.  

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Technology and cultural mindsets are fuelling innovation. Collaborative innovation is allowing us to leap from one idea to the next. Just as we have got our heads around one way of doing something a new "thing" comes along. Group think is being replaced by sharing platforms, multi-industry cooperation and innovation and it is shaping the future of work.

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How we work 2 Lessons

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Agile working 3 Lessons