Team health introduction

Your first job as a leader is to make sure your team is healthy and strong. When you focus on making their working lives better, the team responds with more loyalty, respect, and performance. People are still adjusting to the massive change and disruption that came with the pandemic and many have emerged somewhat changed.

With so much uncertainty in all elements of our lives, most people have seen moments of stress, anxiety, lethargy and demotivation. This will impact your people, teams and performance and you will have to spend significantly more time managing and leading your people right now. You will need to focus on your teams health, put your attention on how your team are feeling, giving hope and direction and of course looking after yourself. You, and your people have been running on stress and uncertainty for so long and the cracks are starting to appear.

You might have noticed more conflict at home, in work, even at school. People are tired and weary and their normal tolerance levels are wearing thin. If you don't address it, notice and act, it will have an impact on relationships, culture and results. 

Read the room, notice how people are behaving. Are they engaged and raring to go or going through the motions? Have you some previously engaged members who now seem to block or dismiss ideas, challenge everything or turn in work late? Are people gossiping, complaining and defeated? These are all clues that your people are disengaged.

Now this may be nothing to do with your leadership style or the work you do. It maybe all to do with the world in which we now live. However, leading as you did before, in a new and changed environment, will not serve you well. You need to approach this new environment differently.

The approach needed right now is Humane Leadership. It's leading with all that it is to be human, with compassion, generosity and empathy. You can still be visionary, have momentum and drive, plan and innovate, and still be humane. In this course you will learn how.

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