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How great leaders encourage a speak up culture

If there is one topic that I work with time and again with my clients, it's this - creating an open, honest and transparent culture. On the surface they may appear to have an open culture - sharing business

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The ABC of performance management

There are so many businesses who create performance management processes that miss the mark. The intention is always to increase performance, the impact is often dread, paperwork, fear and unfulfilling

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When you have to come up with all of the ideas

You know you've got a problem One of the biggest blocks and barriers to healthy, high performing businesses is that not enough people are willing to take the risk to share new ideas, new innovations

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Why coaching could be the best investment for Generation X Leaders

Leader X is coming into their own. Generation X may only account for 20% of the workforce, but they have taken 51% of the leadership roles. They are the start up masters and want to make a difference.

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Feedback, powerful and planned

Feedback – powerful and planned Feedback is often over analysed and feared, yet it is simply a conversation.  That’s a far less fearful perspective. I’ve woken early reflecting on a

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